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The Reviews Are In

PIC has been making our clients and our staff happy for over 15 years.  We strive to deliver quality care, while crafting an environment that makes our therapists want to come to work every day.  We believe that happy staff create the best supports for our clients. 

"We love working with our Speech Therapist, Patricia. She is good about getting with us about dates and keeping us in the loop. We try to give her feedback about what our member needs to learn.  She is professional and so kind and caring to our member!"
–Staff at Day Program
"Partners In Communication provides excellent tools and resources to help people communicate their wants, needs and general conversations."
–Staff at Day Program in Louisville, KY
"Where to start...My daughter has been with PIC for years.  She has and has had the most amazing speech therapists you could ever hope for.  Kristen and Jessica are kind and do all they can to accommodate her and my schedule.  They care about her.  They are knowledgeable and I trust them completely to provide her the best therapy possible.  My daughter is very happy with Kristen and feels comfortable with her.  Grace has always been helpful and ready to work out any issues.  Not that we've had much!  During Covid it could've been a problem but not for us.  Thank you Grace.  Thank you Jessica and thank you Kristen.  You ladies are the best!"
"(Using his speech device) “I like my speech therapist, Kristen.  I like using my speech device."
"Kristen is caring, professional, and supportive.  She plays an invaluable role in supporting communication goals with AAC.  She troubleshoots when technology malfunctions, heads the funding process, and provides staff trainings.  She keeps the device programmed with new relevant options for commenting on current interests. The work she has done to give my loved one a voice has made all the difference in her life!"
"I love how excited he gets about his therapy day ~ he loves it!  Virtual therapy has been great for him, he stays focused and engaged."
"The PIC therapists that I work with and have worked with in the past have shown compassion & kindness to the client and their family, communicate well with the team, and are person-centered.   PIC therapists go above and beyond & provide superb advocacy.  Rebekah is a great example!  She has worked to get several of our shared clients the equipment that they require & prefer.  I really appreciate that!!!  & know that the families and clients do too 🙂  I have observed Rebekah on many occasions and she is super with clients and with team members! 🙂  I met Quiana for the first time today.  She is great!  I was able to observe her work with one of our clients and she was super patient and sweet with her.  It's always nice to see this."
–Case Manager in Louisville, KY
"I like my speech time with Kristen. It is special.  She helps me breathe better and say my words better."
"We are so appreciative of all the things Kristen and this Company provide for my nephew.  He has progressed nicely under your care.  He comes home happy every day and can't wait to go back the next day.  The video and audio time is a good bonus, too."
"XX is doing pretty good with his speech therapy and using his laptop.  He does a video call with his therapist once a week, and has it on and waiting about 20 minutes before the call.  And in person once a week."
"We are so thankful for PIC and our therapist Kristen. The significant progress our son has made through the services he's received have greatly improved his quality of life."
"I enjoy working with Ms. Jean because she is prompt, organized and flexible.  Also she really cares about our people we support.  She makes sure that we, the staff are kept abreast what the client is doing and would like us to do to help and encourage our client.  She is thorough about explaining to the staff and clients why it is needed and what the particular exercises do.  This example has led to a couple of our other clients showing interest by going where she is giving therapy and talking with her for a bit.  Jean will patiently explain to said clients what they are doing and why.  Jean is caring and it shows.”"
–Staff at Day Program in Louisville, KY 
"I like coming to therapy a lot! And I am going to keep coming, because it helps me a whole lot.  My knees were giving me a lot of trouble and ever since I started OT, my knees don't hurt anymore and I can do more things like rake the leaves or walk to the store.  And I almost couldn't do that anymore.  So I will keep coming as long as they let me."
"I like working with therapy.  It makes me feel better."
"I love the telehealth services for my daughter.  She is motivated, able to focus, and has truly flourished."
"I love the services because my son is communicating more and my therapist keeps me up to date on all of his progress.  My son and I agree that she is the best speech therapist he has ever had."
"We are so happy and grateful for our services through your company .  My mother's therapist Julie is so great and understanding and she has helped us out a lot."
"I just wanted to thank Partners In Communication!  I work with 3 handicapped individuals & you all have been awesome in providing Physical therapy and occupational therapy for the guys!  It has been so nice to have your therapists come to their home!  They have been so professional and you can tell they have a true heart for what they do!  I especially want to thank you for sending Marie, she has the kindest heart!  Our guys really love her!  Thanks again"
"We are so satisfied with Partners In Communication.   XX has been receiving therapy all of her life.  XX is 37 years old   And we understand the need for her therapy.  Patricia has been outstanding with her needs and has assisted in several diagnosis on XX’s medical problems."
"I have had the privilege of working with Patricia (aka Mrs Patty to our clients) on and off for several years.  She has been by far one of the most professional and fun hearted speech therapists we have worked with.  Mrs Patty is very professional to work with us with all our questions and concerns along with making herself available to us when needed.  Mrs Patty has not only taken the time to be acquainted with the client that she serves but to also recognize each and every client in our facility.  All of our clients get very enthusiastic to tell her good morning and have a conversation with her.  Not many providers take the time to do this and to us that goes above and beyond for those in this facility.  We like to think that Mrs Patty has become part of the family that we have built here and we all feel very fortunate to have her.  My staff and fellow coworkers cannot thank her enough for the teachings she has done with us to make sure that we can aid our clients in the best way possible.  She has taught us many tools and techniques to allow us to give our clients that happiest life possible with helping form better conversations to express their wants and needs along with eating in a safe way.  We are and will forever be grateful for her to work with our clients yesterday, today, tomorrow, and in the future. Thanks"
–DT Supervisor in Nelson County, KY
"I am the Case Manager for XX for close to seven years.  I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how WONDERFUL Patty is.   Patty started working with XX a few months and then COVID hit and all services stopped.  Those first few months of therapy, XX had started increasing his vocabulary!  When XX returned to the program he had a very serious choking incident and needed help with eating.   When this happened, we immediately thought of Patty.  Patty has been working with XX for about 1.5 years.  He is able to eat more variety, staff are Kare trained to know what and how to assist with eating.  XX’s vocabulary continues to improve and he is saying sentences other than the few sentences he has always said.  Earlier this month, XX said “How are you?”   Wow!   Patty has done more with XX in the short time she has worked with him than any other speech therapist.  Plus, she sends eating recommendations to his team!   Patty is a miracle worker and we LOVE working with her.  She is undoubtedly the BEST! Thanks!"
–Case Manager
"I have been working with various speech therapists since 2012.  I have never been so satisfied with the services provided.  The gentleman I work with began with a speech board for the first few years and it did not help in communication.  He could press the buttons but it was difficult to understand what he was trying to express.  I have asked his previous therapist if they can work on sign language as well as verbal communications because he has such a desire to learn to use his voice.  With the assistance of Patricia, SLP, we have finally been able to use these skills and it has made our communication with him so much better.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing such a great service."
"My daughter has received services from Partners In Communication for several years. We appreciate their professionalism and dependability.  Her speech therapist goes above and beyond.  I highly recommend this company."
"I think the service my sister received is a great service.  I like being able to get it done on the internet when it can't be done in person because it keeps her from falling behind.  However I think she needs some one on one to keep her using the tools.  I know she likes her time with Kristen and learning new things all the time.  it really makes her happy."
"I feel that the speech therapy that XX has received has helped a lot to be able to tell us what she needs and wants she is so happy that she can communicate with us and I love that we can do this at home.  I highly recommend this company."
"I have always appreciated your professionalism as my son’s speech therapist over the years …. Thank you!"
"The clients you have worked with have improved a lot with their communication skills and becoming more independent with their communication skills."
–House staff in Richmond, KY
"We appreciate you and your company so much!  The clients just light up when you come into the center.  You are always so positive and helpful to our clients!  They enjoy working with you and we enjoy having you in our center."
–Director of Day Center in Richmond, KY
"I like my speech therapist, Kristen.  She is good."
"Kristen and Partners in Communication have been wonderful working with our son who has autism and speech processing issues.  Kristen has always been kind and compassionate while working with him.  We value the work she does with our son and the patience she always has during their sessions."
"I like having therapy because it helps me do things to get better.  I like to exercise so I can get stronger and be better and also to make things with beads. We have fun together."
"I really appreciate everything my therapist Jackie has done for me.  I really do.  She has always taken such good care of me even when I'm being a pain in the butt."
"I love my therapist Jackie because she helped my shoulder get better and now I don't have pain any more.  I miss working with her."
"I have so much fun in my therapy.  Jackie has brought me a long way and we have a lot of fun together.  One day I will be able to do the cha-cha again with her help."
"I love coming to therapy with Jackie because I feel great when I get home.  Jackie does a great job working with me.  I had a stroke and was in a coma for a long time and she has really helped me get my strength back.  I wouldn't be this far and living on my own without her help."
"I appreciate everything Jackie does for me.  She does an excellent job and we are lucky to have her here and not have to leave all the time for therapy somewhere else."

"Working with a great, supportive administrative team and manager, has enabled me more flexibility and creativity to serve my unique clients, who I love see make progress."
–PT, Louisville, KY
"Great place to work.  I enjoy working here so much, this is my second time! Management is very supportive, recognizes and appreciates your hard work, and is always open to constructive feedback.  The staff is friendly, organized, dedicated, and professional."
–SLP, Lexington, KY 
"Partners In Communication is a wonderful company to work for! Grace, the CEO, and her team are approachable, supportive, and informative.  The focus for the therapist is patient care.  The hours are very flexible and the pay is very competitive.  I have enjoyed my 10+ years with PIC and would recommend it highly!"
–PT, Fort Thomas, KY
"PIC is a fantastic company to work for!  There is full support from staff/administration and great communication.  Everyone is helpful and it truly feels like a team effort to get things done or have your questions answered.  I’ve always felt supported as a therapist.  The documentation is quick and easy!!  And best of all, you get to set a work schedule that fits for you and your family!"
–PT, Louisville, KY
"I have worked for PIC for almost 2 years and have been so pleased with this company.  We put patients first, and our team is amazing at helping navigate all the ends and outs of insurance.  This company is also very caring for its staff and I feel very blessed to be a part of this team.  I am very thankful for PIC"
–OT, Louisville, KY
"I have been a therapist for PIC since 2008.  I appreciate the way that the company has treated me as a therapist over the years, offering flexibility and bonus opportunities.  More importantly, I love that the company advocates for the clients and caregivers we serve.   I would highly recommend PIC as an employer and/or as a provider."
–SLP, Lexington, KY
"I have been a therapist for over 30 years.  This is by far the most fun I have ever had with my clients, with the least amount of stress out of any job I have ever had.  I love my job!"
–PT, Louisville, KY
"I LOVE working with Partners In Communication (PIC) to provide quality support services for persons in need.  Grace and the entire PIC Team have been such a joy to work with over the past several years!!  I have always found the PIC team to be professional and committed to Integrity in every aspect of service.  PIC strives to provide all the supports which service providers need to serve those in need.  Their structure and support of the business side of (re)habilitative service delivery make it easy for me as a therapist to do what I do to serve others."
–SLP, Bardstown, KY
"I want to personally recognize and recommend Partners In Communication.  I think what I would like to comment most is the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.  They are always, prompt and courteous. [nbsp]They do an outstanding job of reaching out to you and helping therapists to navigate all of the requirements necessary to do our jobs.  I also want to compliment Grace, our supervisor.  She is best supervisor I have ever had.  She consistently recognizes her staff during holidays and during the year.  She has called me back at inopportune times for her to meet during my schedule with assistance for paperwork completion requirements and assistance.  She has brought supplies to me in the Elizabethtown area, approx. 50 to 60 miles away.  She has really set the bar for her company and those who assist administratively for meeting therapists where they are so that we can meet patient needs.  This is so important in this very stressful environment.  Kudos to Grace and her company!"
–SLP, Elizabethtown, KY
"This company is amazing!!  I started my journey working with PIC with just 1-2 clients on the side to supplement hours/income and branch out to home health.  After years of feeling unappreciated and undervalued from my previous employer, it didn't take long before I made the jump to leave my full-time employment after 13 yrs with them and in to full-time with Grace at PIC!  8 years later, I can say with confidence, that Grace treats the therapists she contracts with the utmost respect and appreciation.  She is fair, kind and understanding.  She is conscious of the day-to-day operations as a therapist, and the difficulties we face and does what she can to make the work easier, and therapists feel heard, appreciated and valued!  Something that is not common in the work place.  The administrative staff are always friendly, courteous and helpful for whatever needs may arise.  They work hard to make the therapist's workload easier.  After 20 yrs in the therapy field, I can say without hesitation, it is the happiest I have ever been in an employment setting!  The flexibility is unmatched and makes it easy to have a healthy work/life balance which is so important to many of us.  I am forever grateful to be part of the PIC family!"
–OT, Louisville
"I have worked off and on for Partners in Communication since 2010.  Working for this company has been one of the best decisions of my life.  It has allowed me not only the flexibility to serve my clients and their families in their homes and community environments where they need me most, but also the flexibility to be a parent myself that is present for my children and my family.  My clients have grown not only in independence and skills, but also attained friendships with their peers and become part of their communities.  They have taught me just as much as I have them, in addition to making me a better therapist.  Being an OT is a gift.  But finding the right place to grow and use your gift is the greatest challenge.  Partners in Communication is just that place.  Our boss, Grace, genuinely loves the clients we serve as if they were her own family.  She works tirelessly to advocate for them, find great therapists to support and teach them, and goes out her way to coach and support their families and her staff.  This is so much more than a job for her and for the therapists that work here."
–OT, Louisville, KY
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